Cornmeal chive waffles


12 hour applesauce V

Aloha pancakes VT

Apple cinnamon olacakes V

Apple pie yogurt parfait VT

Banana biscuits VT

Banana bread muffins V

Banana pie oatmeal V

Bananaberry breadlet VT

Berry easy breakfast syrup V

Biscuits ‘n gravy VT

Biscuits ‘n gravy II (easy version)

Blueberry olacakes VT

Blueberry pie oatmeal V

Aloha pancakes


Breakfast cups

Butterscotch apple breakfast cake VT

Caramel apple star oats VT

Cherry coconut overnight oats VT

(Chocolate) cranberry coconut oats VT

Cinnamon raisin bread

Cornmeal chive waffles with super egg and bacon

Cornmeal pancakes

Cranberry lemon muffins

Cranberry pumpkin sunflower oats V

Eggs florentino (15 minute)

Five-minute egg pancake (Bonnie and Clyde’s breakfast)

Fruit and yogurt parfait VT

Lemon cornmeal breakfast cake VT

Low fat cinnamon coffee cake

Nutty ginger peach oatmeal V

One-eyed blackberry scones VT

Whole wheat cinnamon rolls

Peanut butter banana oats V

Pineapple pumpkin oats V

Pumpkin banana oats V

Pumpkin pear oats V

Raspberry banana bread muffins V

Raspberry scones (joy of baking’s) VT

Rosemarried hashbrowns

Ridiculously easy donuts VT

Strawberry mint muffins VT

Strawberry rosemary pancakes VT

Veggie Omelette

Whole wheat cinnamon rolls VT

Zucchini bread VT

Lunch & Dinner


Sweet and spicy chicken drumettes

Biscuits ‘n gravy VT

Black bean burrrritos VT

Break the rules: sweet potatoes VT

Cha-cha chicken tortilla soup 

Cheesy spinach quesas VT   

Company chicken

Creamy mac ‘n cheese VT

Crispy chik’n strips V

Crunchy Sammie with Apples 

Curry chicken with mango salad

Elegant quiche cups 

Fried rice VT

Garlic turkey sliders

Greek shrimp

Grilled margherita pizza VT

Happy egg sammie VT

Tempeh fried rice

A healthy marinara V

Healthy wheat pizza V

Hella easy tofu V

I heart stirfry V

Lowfat stuffed shells VT


Not-so-fried rice VT

Ole enchiladas VT

Open-faced power protein lunch VT

Parmesan crusted chicken tenders

Peanut ginger stir fry

Shrimp and veggies (kabobs)

Presto pantry pizza (dough) V

Quickie turkey burgs

Sesame-crusted tofu stirfry 

Shrimp and veggies

Shrimp pocket

Smokin’ tofu V

Souper bean soup VT

Spinach and polenta VT

Stuffed peppers

Sweet and spicy chicken drumettes (Giada’s)

Tempeh fried rice


Dressing up Ragu (modified jar of marinara)V

Eaziti VT

Green pop pasta

Grown-up mac and cheese VT

Guilt-free cheesy lasagna

Linguini with clam sauce

Mini turkey meatballs 

Pasta with roasted tomatoes and basil

Shrimp pasta

Spinach fettucini



Coconut tropics fruit salad

4-minute pantry fruit salad V

Coconut tropics fruit salad V

Crunchy carrot salad V  

Fall harvest salad V 

Grilled salad V

Healthy potato salad V 

Hearty fiesta salad VT

Melon mint salad V

Peachy Jicama Salad V 

Quick blackberry salad V 

Tomato & cucumber salad

Seven(!) layer salad 

Spinach feta orzo salad VT

Spinach strawberry salad V

Summer strawberry salad V

Tomato and cucumber salad V

Yoga happy salad V


12 hour applesauce V

Cilantro rice

Cinnamon pecans and almonds VT

Cranberry apple Israeli couscous

Cranberry coconut applesauce V 

French fries (baked) V 

Ginger orange apples V 

Glazed acorn squash V 

Grilled veggies, 3 ways V

Cranberry apple Israeli couscous

Lemon spaghetti VT

Mashed potato-stuffed peppers V 

Retro deviled eggs VT

Roasted eggplant V

Simple summer squash V 

Snap beans and potatoes V

Spiced apples V

Spicy kale chips V

Sweet potato fries (baked) V 


Snacks and Drinks

12 hour applesauce V

Apple cinnamon cheeseball VT

Berry cucumber smoothie V  

Caramel apple glazed popcorn VT

Carrot apple smoothie V

Carrot ginger lime smoothie V 

Chocolate-dipped pretzels VT 

Cinnamon candy apples V

Citrus cherry cocktail V

Citrus water V 

Roasted red pepper hummus

Crunchy oat granola VT  

Cucumber melon smoothie V  

Easy yogurt dip VT

Fake beach smoothie VT 

Fall football queso

Fruit and yogurt parfait VT

Garlicky salsa verde V

Ginger orange apples V

Golden salted pretzels V

Grapefruit green smoothie V

Green tea lemonade V  

Guilt-free pumpkin spice frappe VT

Homemade sesame crackers V

Orange bottom cocktail V 

Orange pineapple smoothie V

Perfect iced coffee VT 

Pink color-changing smoothie V

Quickest smoothie ever V  

Roasted chickpeas

Roasted red pepper hummus V  

Spicy kale chips V

Traditional hummus V

Tropical popsicles V



Chicken tortilla soup


Chicken tortilla soup

Creamy low-fat broccoli soup V

Creamy non-dairy potato soup V

Souper bean soup VT

Souper quick lunch

 Chocolate banana breadlet V

Chocolate banana breadlet

Chocolate peanut butter muffins VT 

Cinnamon raisin bread

Cinni mini muffins VT 

A crazy easy bread VT

Favorite blueberry muffins VT 

French baguette V

Garlic cheese biscuits VT

Low fat strawberry cornmuffin bread VT 

Puffy scones VT 

Quick whole wheat molasses bread VT

Simple focaccia

Zucchini bread VT


Dessert (non-chocolate)

Apple cinnamon cheeseball VT

Apple blackberry crumble pie VT

Apple pecan pie V

Lemon chess bars

Baked oranges V

Banana whoopie pies VT  

Bananaberry cookies VT

Butterscotch apple (breakfast) cake VT

Cake pops VT 

Caramelized peaches V

Clove cookies V

Coconut Macaroons (Ina Garten’s) VT

Crimey limey Pie VT

Dairy-free banana shake V

Butterscotch apple (breakfast) cake

The guilty pleasure (AKA The banana bomb) VT  

Honey wheat apple crostata

Lemon chess bars VT 

Lime apple pie VT

Lime shortbread cookies VT

LOC bites VT

Lowfat carrot cake VT

Mocha granita V

Mom’s banana pudding VT

Mom’s Nawlins pralines VT  

No-bake peanut butter banana pie VT

Oatmeal crumble cherry pie VT  

Paula and Laurel’s blackberry pie

Strawberry black pepper sorbet

Peanut butter buttercream VT  

Perfect peanut butter cookies VT

Pumpkin pecan pie (The Ultimate Compromise) VT

Quickest yellow cake ever VT

Soft and chewy gingerbread cookies VT

Strawberry black pepper sorbet V

Strawreo pie VT

Super lemon cake VT 

Tropical popsicles V

Two by two V

Healthy Additions (Seeds/Vitamins/Supplements)

Flax seeds

Dog Treats

Pooch’s peanut butter swirls



2 heaping cups of patience

1 heart full of love

1 dash of laughter

1 headful of understanding


Sprinkle generosity with Kindness. 

Add plenty of Faith and mix well.

Spread over a period of a lifetime and serve everyone you meet.

By: Aunt Ouida




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