We (finally) saw Burnt the film last night. It just made me really hungry, wishing I could speak French, hoping that money tree in the backyard will grow to allow unlimited funds to eat fancy things. But mostly hungry. People have, generally, been very good to me. Mentors have shared their wisdom (from mistakes and triumphs) to help my endeavors. Loving people have gone out of their way to set me up well. Are we ever disconnected from where we came from? Do we always carry a legacy began by those before us? Is that our responsibility?

Depending on who you ask, you might get varied responses. I forget sometimes that my grandfather only finished the sixth grade to go out and provide for his family. I forget sometimes that my father’s side is full of attorneys and pastors (go figure), and my grandmother was raised in an orphanage. And that’s just a bit of the story. But it’s my story. And your story is grand and awful and wondrous, too. And where do you weave your family’s story into your own present? 

Big ideas…but let’s just sit and chat over the simple, humble frittata. (AKA the multitasker’s breakfast). I love that I oil the pan, whip in egg whites, toss in some veggies and spices, and let it sit. During those 5 minutes, I like to run around and challenge myself to do stuff I love to avoid–chores. In those five little minutes, I swept the kitchen floor, did a load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and sipped a giant cup of coffee. I’m exhausted, heh.

Frittata was a fancy word to me, as a teenager. But it’s so simple–and so awesome. Ponder your legacy over this tasty meal.

5 minute Frittata

3/4-1 cup egg whites

1 cup veggies, sliced thin for quick cooking

Spices (21 seasoning, granulated garlic, hot sauce, salt/pepp, whatever you like)

Cooking spray or 1 t. Butter

Small (omelette) pan

1. On medium heat, get the pan hot and coat it with oil/butter. Pour in whisked egg whites. Add salt (this will keep veggies’ liquid from watering down eggs too much).

2. Season eggs and toss in veggies in one thin layer. Add more spices, if desired. Wait. Don’t touch it for 5 minutes, or until the eggs are firm on the center top. (You now have 5 minutes to dance, clean, or find the cure for a monstrous disease.)

3. Slide onto a plate and eat heartily. You did good. 😊

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