Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Yes, I just quoted Eminem. It happened. And so is this!


It’s been 23 long months of not blogging. That’s like the span of a driving teenager in dog years, or 2.5 human newborn babies developed. Whoa.

But I’ve missed this fun/yummy/messy/sarcastic place to cook and eat and tell stories. So let’s get right to it, shall we?


An Update of 23 months…


Got a little crafty with glue guns and paint, My parents moved to Portland from Texas (yay! whoa!), Hoodies are essential in this city, and Meals in bowls should never be underestimated (Sunday Meal Prep is such a great invention).



A couple San Diego trips, Prepping smoothie bags a month at a time, Matt the hubby & me, A couple Vegas getaways, and Sam the best 9-yr-old dog ever.


Upside-down winter lights (why not?), Painting some umbrellas to advocate for homeless families, A quick jaunt to Vancouver BC, and Finally making a quesadilla to be proud of.



Dad & I see Black Sabbath retire, A beautiful week with the in-laws on Lake of the Ozarks, I tried fake lashes! (it was messy), and Great seats at a Padres game (& I wear sunglasses now…go eye health!).


So those are some of the highlights of two years. Of course, I’ve spent many days in flip flops and more days in scarves and sweaters. My work is full of surprises–from family tragedies & healing together, to painting the church bright orange, to really awesome moments of sharing life with some great people. And, the older I get, I’m less self-conscious, more okay with myself, and the more I realize just how precious and delicate life is. Good stuff. Of course, it’s almost all surrounded by stops and pauses along the way…great moments around a table, on a couch, and at a food truck…all around holy moments of great food shared with strangers and the closest friends and family. It all comes back to food and stories.

It’s October 1st!  Portland in the Fall

My husband knows that I tend to drag my feet on saying goodbye to each summer. But I really do take comfort in the fact that pumpkin everything is socially acceptable these days. (Thank you, PSL and SBUX.) And apple picking and pear plucking is in full swing! Let’s jump on into Fall, warm socks and boot-clad feet first! Come back soon for a Fall explosion!

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