80 calorie cocoa

Holy moley, where have you been!?

Just kidding.

I’ve been around, but just not here. And I have a fun little 10:00pm guilt-free treat for you!

80 calorie cocoa or hot chocolate, however you prefer to name it. Yes, it’s for real. Here goes.

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80 calorie hot cocoa

not too sweet, not too chocolaty. it’s warm, frothy, and perfect for a moment when all you want to do is devour that bag of chocolate chips in your pantry. breathe and enjoy.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (30 calories)

2 TB Dutch process cocoa powder (20 calories + 4 grams fiber!)

1  1/2 teaspoons raw agave syrup (30 calories)


Heat the milk until nearly boiling…until hot, yes. Whisk in cocoa and syrup until blended. Sip and smile.

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